Experienced Homeowners Build Green. Will you?

With experience comes wisdom, and as a first-time homeowner, there is no shortage of things to learn.  The impact of what seemed like a small decisions during the homebuilding process can be huge in later years. Perhaps look and feel drove most of the decisions – Granite! Wood! Gray! But did they think about long-term maintenance costs? Energy saving opportunities? The impact those decisions have on the environment?

Millennials (birth years ranging from early 1980’s to the early 2000’s) are no stranger to the topics of global warming and our carbon footprint. In a 2011 Pew Research Survey revealed Millennials are more likely to favor green energy projects. In fact, many in the Generation Y category consider themselves global citizens that can influence the world with the power of their wallet.

Therefore, it may come as a surprise that a 2015 Dodge Data & Analytics report on green building in the residential market found that consumers ages 60 or older led every category of energy efficient product usage by a huge margin. On the flip side, those in the Millennial age group reported having no knowledge of sustainable products.

Why would that be?  Some say it comes down to experience. People who have lived in single-family homes for a longer period of time become more knowledgeable about how that home should be built. 

And, once that experience is accumulated, we expect Millennials to make the connection between their environmental ideals and their expectations of homebuilders to build green.  We mentioned in a prior blog post [insert link] that over half of residential home builders expect more than 60% of their projects to include green construction, and we expect that number to increase as time goes on.

Homebuilders, be ready. Or better yet – be ahead of the game! Find contractors that have the skills and experience needed to build green, and to position your business as the preferred single-family homebuilder to Millennials.