Build Green, and We’re Not Talking Paint Color

Green Building is on the Rise in Residential

With an ever-increasing focus on how humans impact the environment, it’s no surprise that Green Building isn’t just for corporate executives looking to save a tax dollar. Individuals - single-family homeowners - are asking their contractors for sustainable building, and the answer better be, “sure, we can do that!”

In fact, single-family builders are readying themselves for more questions about green construction. A recent survey by Dodge Data & Analytics found that over half of residential homebuilders expect 60% of their projects will be Green by 2020. This is largely driven by consumer demand, and the belief that customers will pay more for green.

Green building isn’t a passing fad.

The decision to build green is not not like making a decision between granite or marble, tile or wood flooring… no, it goes beyond look and feel. Here are 5 more reasons driving consumers, and thus builders, to go green:

  1. Energy cost savings
  2. Increasing availability and affordability of green materials
  3. Higher quality of green product
  4. Appraisers tend to find greater value in green homes
  5. New code changes lean towards green

Even with this obvious uptick in customer demand, some homebuilders have not explored green building and the opportunity for premium pricing that comes with it. Why? The primary reason is finding quality contractors with the required expertise.

Looking for skilled contractors?  Look no further.

Horizon Electric Company has licensed electrical contractors with the skills and experience needed to meet this increasing customer demand. Give us a call at 952-985-8088 to learn more about the green projects we have completed and to discuss how we can partner with you on a future project!